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Aventura Cardiovascular Center: Leonard Pianko, MD PA FACC


Dr. Leonard Pianko and the dedicated staff of his Aventura, Florida medical practice offer cutting-edge preventative, emergent, and rehabilitative cardiovascular care with a strong focus on personalized and holistic treatment. Dr. Pianko - a cardiologist with heart.

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Cardiologist, Aventura
Leonard Pianko, HEART

Dr. Pianko’s cardiovascular practice in Aventura, Florida is a modern facility with the latest technology with an emphasis on personalized care, ensuring our patients’ continued health and wellness. With a cutting-edge, patient-centered facility and in partnership with highly qualified and personable medical staff, Dr. Pianko offers the individual attention expected of primary care physicians and the expertise of a seasoned cardiologist.

Dr. Pianko’s practice focuses on four main aspects of holistic and complete patient care:

1. Listen to the patient

2. Be available to the patient

3. Communicate with and involve family in treatment decision making

4. Coordinate complete care of the patient by enlisting specialized physicians and support staff, and utilizing advanced medical technology

Our team is here for all our patients’ needs. With a listening ear and the most advanced medical technology, Dr. Pianko’s practice offers cardiovascular care with heart.

What our patients are saying

The best physician I have ever encountered in my long career representing medical professionals! Dr. Pianko is like family: Caring, thorough, takes time with everyone. Great staff. He loves his patients, and they love him.

Marc M.

Dr. Pianko is the best doctor I have ever had . He is attentive, caring and medically skilled. I trust his opinion. He is away for the weekend but that does not stop him from returning a phone call or getting back to you. I have been an RN for over 30 years and I am very selective. If you want a wonderful physician who genuinely cares about your well being, Dr. Pianko is it. You can't do any better.

Hedy W.

Dr. Pianko is the MOST AMAZING CARING PERSON, thus making him the MOST UNBELIEVABE PHYSICIAN. His diagnostic abilities are OFF THE CHARTS! He cares FIRST about his patients, then their illness, in my opinion, and treats accordingly. I am grateful he is my physician!.


Love Dr. Pianko, special man with an excellent bedside manner. Nurse Practitioners and PAs are very knowledgeable, current on symptoms and meds; couldn't be more patient. Staff members are pleasant, helpful and efficient.

Dale M.

Exceptional service, knowledgeable, experience and personable. I've been a patient for over 20 years. This man saved my future.


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Your health is our greatest concern. Here at Dr. Pianko’s cardiovascular medical practice we monitor your charts from visit to visit to ensure your continued well-being. We provide all the information needed to successfully maintain heart health.

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Medications/ Treatments

Medications are prescribed at an appropriate dosage to individual conditions. Here at Dr. Pianko’s office we offer a wide range of treatments to address our patients’ individual health needs.

Cariologist in Aventura, florida

Our staff

Here at our office Dr. Pianko and his staff are highly trained to treat every patient with the utmost care.

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Our office offers extensive and personalized service. We strive to make every visit to our practice a pleasant one. Dr. Leonard Pianko – a cardiologist with heart.

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We offer a wide range of procedures to help you

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Cariologist in Aventura, florida

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Cariologist in Aventura, florida

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Cariologist in Aventura, florida


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