Our concierge care option offers you direct physician access in exchange for an annual retainer fee. The benefits include guaranteed same day/next day medical appointment, round-the-clock cell phone and email access, house calls and unrestricted time with Dr. Pianko to address health concerns. It’s an extra layer of personalized service, the “icing” to our many layered “cake” of personalized cardiology and internal medicine services

What are the benefits of the concierge care option?

Probably the biggest benefit is ACCESS.

With the concierge care option, you have 24-7 direct, personalized access to your cardiologist, Leonard Pianko MD. You will not have to deal with an answering service or worry that Dr. Pianko is not the physician on call when you are admitted to the hospital. Whether you need an emergency appointment in the office or are requesting a house call over the weekend, your doctor and only your doctor will be the one on the case.

Another benefit is both physician and patient SATISFACTION. Our concierge patients love the opportunity the concierge care option offers for direct primary care. For Dr. Pianko, concierge care enables him to provide old-fashioned service with a modern medical touch.

Are patients required to enroll in the concierge care option?

Concierge care is an ALTERNATIVE to standard primary care, which is anything but standard in our office. Dr. Pianko is a firm believer that patients should have choices and not be limited to one-size-fits-all patient practice plans. All of our patients receive the highest quality, most professional patient-centered internal medicine and cardiology care. This plan is an option for those who need or want more.

Can patients enroll seasonally in the concierge program?

We are often asked this question, primarily by adult children, who live out-of-town and want to have peace of mind when their parent(s) are in South Florida. The concierge program offers the ideal mix of professional medical care, personalized patient services and enhanced care coordination.

To learn more about our concierge program, please call 305.384.4720



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Aventura Cardiovascular Center is proud to provide the highest quality, most professional, patient-centered internal medicine and cardiology care with respect, compassion and outstanding customer service.




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